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Dansk Dynasty Pointers, is een Nederlandse Engelse Pointer fokker voor honden die de kwaliteit hebben  om op tentoonstellingen en veldwerk Wedstrijden te presteren. Dansk Dynasty fokt uitsluitend met pointers welke gecertificeerd zijn v.w.b. HD.
Dynasty Pointers, a Dutch English Pointer breeder, for field and exhibitions, who breeds only with dogs which have been certified for H.D

Pointer General Information July 21, 2014

On this page we give you all the information about the progress of Dansk Dynasty Kennel from 1983.
The beginning and how it has gone into our breeding.
The aim of breeding should be to improve the English Pointer dog.
Exhibitions such as better performance, but also achievements in the field trials to obtain.
We dare to say that these objectives have reached a significant part.
More and more we get interest from countries across Europe.
To achieve these objectives, we will continue our efforts even years, to meet that perfect image.


General Information

Since 1983 I have been the proud owner of Pointers, and in 1991 I started to breed Pointers,
selectively by importing a bitch out of the best Danish ‘dual purpose’ bloodline, the" Fieldborn Giant Killer- line."
She became the founder of my Pointer breeding line and since that time I have a, by the ‘Raad van Beheer’(Dutch Kennel Club),
acknowledged kennel registration named: Dansk Dynasty.

In 2006 Herman Pol became co-owner of the kennel name.
The Fieldborn Giant Killer line combined beauty, nobility, a good character and the right hunting ability.
The first mating where indeed Danish and did propagate the base of my breeding and there by justified the choice of my kennel name.
To improve the hunting quality in my Pointers I decided that other matings had to take place with French dogs from French/Italian top lines,
who had already achieved the highest qualifications.
They had also earned there marks as good sires and where HD A.

Beauty in those lines aren’t the main issue but is certainly not neglected.
Since 1997 I embarked on this path and so I have up to now used 8 males, who all had one or more working titles, well bred dogs.
Pointers that represent the dual purpose type with a good and reliable character
All these dogs have a position alongside the work performance as well as IBCh beauty titles and / or French " Beauty" in their name.
The 8 males I used all have one or more working titles, several off these dogs are also IB Ch and / or French "Champion de Beauty".
From 2011 the range off bloodlines run far apart therefor the Pointers Dansk Dynasty.
I think it is justified I use 2 home-bred dogs to breed puppies.
There are also plans in the future to use a male (only) Italian bloodlines to make the Dynasty Dansk Pointers to an even higher level.

In previous generations of the 5 dogs you can find descendants from the Fieldborn Giant Killer- line like;
Ch. Ferreos Tom, Ch. Oksby Fly and Ch.Alsbjergs Sep.
All these lines have been frequently used in Scandinavian, France and Italy and give the opinion of the ‘dual purpose’ thought notion.

The pointer bitches I use for breeding have been examined for HD with the following results:
HD negative (HD A) or HD Tc (HD B) old HD.- HD.Tc or whether the new result of
HD.A HD.B and and are at least Dutch Champions.

The Dansk Dynasty kennel is the only Dutch Pointer kennel who consequently breeds with HD examined bitches.

More detailed information can be found at the "History" page and/or  on the list of  "Champions’section" on this website






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