September 27, 2021
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Dansk Dynasty Pointers, is een Nederlandse Engelse Pointer fokker voor honden die de kwaliteit hebben  om op tentoonstellingen en veldwerk Wedstrijden te presteren. Dansk Dynasty fokt uitsluitend met pointers welke gecertificeerd zijn v.w.b. HD.
Dynasty Pointers, a Dutch English Pointer breeder, for field and exhibitions, who breeds only with dogs which have been certified for H.D

Pointer Kennel History July 21, 2014

On this page you will find a more detailed report of Dansk Dynasty Pointers
From its inception in 1983, and how we came to the results that we currently have achieved.
Also getting an explanation of why this choice and explanation about HD research.


Kennel History

In 1983 I purchased my first pointer.
Although she was Dutch and European F.C.I. Ch.'88 I didn't use her for breeding.
I decided not to use her because of her temper and her lack of hunting skills.

Later I imported a pup from Denmark, the bitch Kirkebjergs Sanne.
She was a descendant from the combination Int.& D.K. Ch.Takese As (HD A) X Kirkebjergs Tenna.

I chose this pup mainly because of the line breeding on her fathers side, the Fieldborn Giant Killer line.
The 3 most successful generations, Ch. Ferreos Tom, Ch. Oksby Fly and Ch. Alsbjergs Sep, where, from different sides, the direct ancestors of Takes As.

Kirkebjergs Sanne became champion in The Neterlands, Luxembourgh and Germany.

Apart from being a champion she earned the 'Winner'title twice, three times the tittle 'Bundes sieger' in Germany and became F.C.I. European Ch. '92.
In the history of the Dutch Pointer Club she was one of the few Pointers who became BOB at the Winner and at the Champions Clubmatch organised by the Dutch Pointer Club.

The first two litters in my kennel came from the combination Kirkebjergs Sanne (HD B) and the Danish dog 'Daasens Max', the T-litter and Kirkebjergs Sanne X Ch. Sonderjydens Tam-Tam (HD A), the U litter.

Kirkebjergs Sanne and her daughter Dansk Dynasty Ubi-bene (HD A) are the founders of the Dansk Dynasty bloodline.

With Dansk Dynasty Ubi-bene, a 100% Danish breeding, I decided to mate her with French and Italian bloodlines to improve the hunting qualities in my Pointers but by no means loose the beauty.

A lot of good French and Italian pointers found their balance as a 'dual purpose' type in the past by mating with Danish Pointers to give their workinglines more nobility without a decline of their existing hunting passion.
The breeding policy used in the years 1960-1985 by some of the best breeders in France and Italy are now my example.

The present and the future will prove if I'm on the right track.
With this vision, I switched from the "W" litter in 1997 to French and Italian bloodlines.
All the litters between 1997 and 2008 (= the "E" litter ) have produced beauty champions.
In addition, relatively a lot of dogs have shown their work-/hunting qualities.
In the Dutch history of the English Pointer up until 2017 ,  29 Pointers received the title "Ch.IB" of the international governing body - FCI - were received,
17 of which were Dansk Dynasty Pointers, and 3 Pointers, bred by another breeder, from a male or bitch by Dansk Dynasty.
(The title "Ch.IB" will be given to Pointers when international beauty and work performance have been achieved.)
Since 2006, Herman Pol is co-owner of the kennel name "Dansk Dynasty ".
Herman started with a few Dynasty Dansk pointers, and wants me to continue in the same manner.
The continuation of the kennel name will gain a stronger base.
Now that homebred Pointers from different Dansk Dynasty litters have such a diversity of ancestors we can justify bringing them together.
For the first time, in 2011, we plan to have a litter where both parents are from our kennel.

Jan van Haren and Herman Pol





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