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Dansk Dynasty Pointers, is een Nederlandse Engelse Pointer fokker voor honden die de kwaliteit hebben  om op tentoonstellingen en veldwerk Wedstrijden te presteren. Dansk Dynasty fokt uitsluitend met pointers welke gecertificeerd zijn v.w.b. HD.
Dynasty Pointers, a Dutch English Pointer breeder, for field and exhibitions, who breeds only with dogs which have been certified for H.D

News News July 21, 2014

Unique history and record.

In the history of Dutch cynology, a Pointer was the first pedigree dog to be registered with the Raad van Beheer.
Thus, this import Pointer was the dog that received the NHSB no.1.
In the rivals of the R.v.B. is read:
The very first registration in the NHSB was the Pointer Nelly, born on July 21, 1888
From that moment Pointers were imported and bred in the Netherlands.
Until now - 2018 - it was only 1 Dutch Pointer breeder managed to get 4 Pointers "Dutch Champion" from one litter.
Koos Hammer was the breeder in the years 1979-'83 with Majbritt, Möhr, Manza and Murk - from his kennel "von Hammersheim" - this honor.

To date, this unique result has never been repeated.
Peter Eering, breeder of Kennel "Karistua" had 3 Pointers from his H-litter Dutch Champion in the years 1993-1995.
For 3 Pointers from a litter, our flag "Dansk Dynasty" has already taken the flag four times, in itself a unique fact.
In 2000: Dansk Dynasty Waps, Whithney and Wiecke were the 1st trio from 1 litter with the title "Dutch Champion".
In the years 2006-'07 followed: Dansk Dynasty Anne, Arwen and Avanti-Dion.
Then between 2008 & '11 were the Dansk Dynasty Chava, Caro-Mats and Chico who formed another Dutch Championship trio.
In 2011, Dansk Dynasty Elsa, Eva and Enrico were allowed to hang the flag again.
Now - 2018 - the unique fact that not only with a 4th Pointers from one litter the success of the years 1979-83 was equaled but for the first time in 130 years of Dutch cynology there is now a nest from which even 5 Pointers have achieved this.
Dansk Dynasty Kiki, Kyran & Koss became Dutch Champion in 2017 and now Kelci and Kondor have completed a unique quintet.

To have a kennel in which 4 nests have already been bred out of which 3 Dutch champions originated and now a litter with 5 Dutch champions, the Dutch kynological history goes into a unique fact.
A fact that we, as the owner of kennel "DANSK DYNASTY", are proud of.

That many of these champions also have the FCI title "CH.I.B."
(International beauty title for which a work qualification is also required),
clearly indicates that the pursuit of "dual purpose" Pointers (hunting qualities linked to beauty) is high in the bloodlines.
Since the introduction of the NHSB register, 26 Dutch bred Pointers have become "CH.I.B.".
Of these, 17 come from kennel "DANSK DYNASTY".
This too is a record that will not be improved for the time being.

Jan van Haren and Herman Pol




Great results in Dortmund at the Europasieger show
and the International CACIB show.

05-19-2017 Dortmund , Germany
Kyran : CAC - CACIB - BOS & "Europa Sieger"
Dortmund , Germany :
Left : Kyran : CAC - CACIB - BOB                           Right : Kiki : CAC - CACIB - BOS


Again a successful
Championship clubmatch 2016
Dutch Pointer Club

Youth-class males 1

Dansk Dynasty Koss

4 VG




Mars z Halikarnasu Poland

2 VG




Dansk Dynasty Kondor

3 VG




Dansk Dynasty Kyran

1 - Excelent

CAC – BOB  - C.W.’16
Winner of the “ Of Zeb’s County Bokaal ”
for the best male under 24 months

Open class males


Apache off Flying Free

1 excellent



reeders Class males



1 excellent

Winner of the “ Dongewijck Bokaal ”
for the best male over 24 months

Working-Class males



1 excellent

Winner of the “Engelse Setter Bokaal”
for the best workingclass dog

Champion Class



1 excellent


Veteran-class males


Adorable Lad of the Medlar Tree 

2 excellent





1 excellent







Youth-class Females


Dansk Dynasty Kiki

1 excellent

Winner of the “ Karistua Bokaa l”
for the best bitch under 24 months



Dansk Dynasty Kelci

2 excellent




Fydal Bewitches

3 VG




Dansk Dynasty Joska

4 VG


Young Dogs class Females



1 excellent




Dansk Dynasty Jana

3 excellent




Dansk Dynasty Jade

2 excellent


Open-Class Females





Breeders - Class Females



1 excellent


Working -Class Females


Eléa de la Garenne d’Armagnac

1 excellent


Champion-Class Females


Freebreeze little Voice

2 excellent

reserve - CAC



Dansk Dynasty Hylke

3 excellent


" 24


1 excellent

CAC Winner of the “ Hoenshof Bokaal ”  
for the best bitch over 24 months

Dansk Dynasty Kyran



Dansk Dynasty Pointers

Last weekend was a great success.

Saturday, April 2 for the last time my Pointer Dansk Dynasty Indy enrolled on a show.
Consciously chosen this in Belgium because Indy still needed one CAC to next "Belgian. Beauty champion "also"
Belgian. Show champion "to make.
This worked, but was still a better end to the judge in the main ring Iny as 4th placed all pointing dogs from group 7.


Dansk Dynasty Indy
Ghent Belgium
4th Breedgroup 7

The next day I wanted to close the Pointer friends of the "Pointer Club Belge" field trials.
For this, both my Pointers entered the CACIT competition in Havre.
The same Dansk Dynasty Indy the day before a got a great result at the show, showed that she is a real "dual purpose" dog
by now to block a torque partridges with a very good running in a difficult field.
It then went wrong when finishing the point is more to a lack of training opportunities than to the quality of Indy.
Before that, her mother Dansk Dynasty Elsa already occurred.
Of the registered Pointers from France, Belgium and the Netherlands, she was senior.
Her course was not to see that.
In addition to respecting two deer and hares 6 certainly she made a very good point, and she ran her turn in a nice style.
The result was that Elsa as the best pointer of the game with the first so-called qualification ended her career.
Thus came to an end a great weekend and at the end of many years of shows and field trials.
From now Herman Pol has taken over the baton and I stay in the background to monitor the Pointer as "dual purpose" dog.




Successful during Championsclubmatch
Dutch Pointer Club 



Puppy Class males

Ice Breaker of Szedresi

2 Very promising


Cat no. 2


1 Very promising
Best pup

Youth Class males

Cat. no. 3


1 Verry Good
“Off Zeb’s County Bokaal”

Open Class

Cat. no. 4


1 Verry Good

Working Class

Cat. no. 5

Dansk Dynasty Doede

1 Excelent

Class Males

Cat. no. 6


2 Excelent


Cat. no 7

Dansk Dynasty

1 Excelent
Best of Breed
Winner “Dongewijk bokaal”

Puppy Class Females

Cat. no. 8


1 Very promising

Junior Class Females

Cat. no. 9


Verry Good


Cat. no 10

Dansk Dynasty Jana

2 Excelent


Cat. no. 11

Dansk Dynasty Jada

4 Verry Good


Cat no. 12

Dansk Dynasty Jade

1 Excelent
Winner “Karistua bokaal”
Best Junior Female


Cat no. 13

Dansk Dynasty Joska

3 Excelent

Open Class Females 

Cat. no. 14

Dansk Dynasty Elsa

1 Excelent

Breeder Class Females

Cat. no. 15

Dansk Dynasty Indy

1 Excelent
CAC – Best of Breed
Winner “Van Hoenshof bokaal”
Clubmatch Winner 2015

Field Trial Females

Cat. no. 16

Dansk Dynasty Hylke

1 Excelent
  Winnaar “Engelse Setter bokaal”
Best Work Dog.

Champions Class Females

Cat. no. 17

Matresse’s Liva

1 Excelent



Also offspring Dansk Dynasty Goyo
in Northern -  European countries successfully.




Report of the Royal Society of St. Hubert Belgium

The response of the Belgian Kennel Club - KMSH -
after my question whether Dansk Dynasty Elsa
after obtaining the titles Belgian Beauty Champion and Belgian Work Champion
is the first "Belgian Full Champions" in the history of Belgium Kennel Club.

The answer:
Your dogs are indeed the first two "Full Champions" from Belgium !
Caroline Huart
Sport organization
Tel: +32 2 245 48 40

Great success at the Winner Show in Amsterdam.

Sunday 12-15 - 2013 on the biggest Dogshow in the Netherlands where the titles "Winner / Winster 2013" & "Youth Winner / Winster 2013" were to be achieved, did Dansk Dynasty Hylke owner of Jeanne van Boxtel  obtain the title. "Winster 2013".
Her young kennel mate Dansk Dynasty Indy breeder / owner Jan van Haren earned there the title "Junior Winner 2013"
Under the Italian judge mrs. O. Zilli , Hylke also obtained the CAC and CACIB and Indy the res.CAC Title

A great success that is admirable.





Magazine de Jachthond with the pointer in the picture.

Cover with Dansk Dynasty Elsa

New pictures of Dansk Dynasty Elsa
New pictures of Dansk Dynasty Indy
Photos © Marjolijn Kamman


Early success at the start autumn field competitions!

On 08-09-2013 during the field trials in Waterloo Belgium
were three dogs from Kennel Dansk Dynasty successful.

Dansk Dynasty Elsa

Jan van Haren

3 Excl.


Dansk Dynasty Chico

Herman Pol

4 VG

Dansk dynasty Hylke
Owner Jeanne van Boxtel
Diploma for hunting dogs trial


15th Pointer out of Kennel Danskdynasty the "FCI title"

Champion International de Beauté.


In the 75 years that the N.P.C. now exists, there are now 26 Pointers with NHSB number
that the FCI title "Ch.IB" International Beauty Champion - have achieved.

(Insiders know that for this, to international standards in the field of work and show, to be fulfilled.)

Of these 26 pointers ,15 Pointers were born in the kennel "DANSK DYNASTY" .

Of these 15, Dansk Dynasty Trine,owner Erik Danielsen of Denmark,
was the first and is now Dansk Dynasty Elka ,
owner Geir Roger Hagenes from Norway ,who made it successfully to the 15th.

As unique fact is further to mention that the 6 puppies from the same
E-Litter: Saxo du Bois des Perches x Dansk Dynasty Yckel together with Elka,
also Elsa has achieved this title.

Dansk Dynasty Elka has now the title, after the Finnish Champion & IBCH.,

and the titles already achieved Norwegian and Swedish Champion,  





The first time in the history of the Danish Pointer Club, that they allowed not Danish bred Pointers on this list.
Recommended for breeding.

Dansk Dynasty Elka can boast the title Nowegian and Swedish Champion.
On 2012-11-17 she participated in the exhibition in Kiruna and with results Exelent, 1 BTK, CQ, BOB, CAC
She has now also received the title Swedish Champion.


Born: 07-14-2012
10 puppys.
4 male 2x orange-white + 2x black-white
6 female  6x black-white

Italian Champion
Italian Work Champion 
International Work Champion CH.I.T.
Semeghini Morgan HD.A
 Dutch Champion
International Champion CH.I.B. & CH.I.E.
Dansk Dynasty Elsa HD.A

For a comprehensive overview 


Jan van Haren 70 years young

"A prophet is never honored in his own country "





In Russia they have the qualities of Dansk Dynasty Pointers discovered.
In the Russian Dogs Magazine a comprehensive article.
The translation into English of the entire article is coming soon.



Dansk Dynasty Elsa
In the winning mood

2012 started well, got Elsa
on 2012-02 -26  in Gent 1 Excl.  CAC - CACIB
On 2012 -03-10 she won the field trial in Milmort Belgium
and her first CAC-T.
Because she was in the winning mood she did it again in the same weekend on Sunday.
At the field trial in Havré, Belgium, even she won the CAC-T & CACIT
Dansk  Dynasty wish all dog owners every success.

Jan van Haren

Dansk Dynasty Elka has been Champion
Not long ago, Dansk Dynasty Elka presented on Norwegian pointer pages as new Elite Dog in NPK.
A performance in which she was 1AK on Reinøya this autumn has mean that she now recognized as Champion.

Dansk Dynasty Elka NHSB2724249

Owner: Geir Roger Gardens
Breeder: Jan van haren                                                               
Born: 18/10/2008, Hips: A

Jaktprøve: Hunting Test:
2 x 1.UK  ( = Excellent Junior class)
6 x 2.UK  ( = Very Good  Junior class)
1 x 3.UK  (= Good Junior class)
In 2010 second best "Youngster pointer " NPK
1 x 1.AK  ( = Excellend Open class )                                                                   1x 2.AK ( = Verry Good Open class )

1 Excl. Cert. ( = CAC )  BOB, Tromsø 29.05.10
1 Excl. Cert. ( - CAC ) , Tromsø 30.05.10
1 Excl. Cert. ( = CAC )- CACIB , Tromsø 16.10.10
1 Excl. Cert. ( = CAC )  BOB,  Rundhaug 19.06.11

Congratulations go to Geir Roger and Elka!

More information on the Noerwegian website




New litter Born
Oktober 30 2011
5 puppys
Males 2 1x Black White & 1x Orange-White
Females 3 2x Black-White & 1x Orange-White
All further information can be found here

All puppies have found new owners.
We wish the owners every success with their new acquisition.


Unique results for “Dansk Dynasty” Pointers.


1 x FCI World  Champion
1 x FCI European Champion
17 x FCI  “Champion International de Beauté "
( of a total of 29 by Dutch Pointers ever scored)

6 x FCI “Champion International d' Exposition"
(Internationaal Exposition Champion)

1 x Norwegian  Champion ( N.U.CH.) 

2 x Danish  Champion ( DK.U.CH. ) 

3 x Luxembourg Champion ( LUX.CH. )

7 x German VDH. Champion ( D.VDH.CH. )

11 x Belgian Champion Beaute ( Belg.CH.B. )
3 x Belgian Show Champion ( Belg. CH.E. )



1x Belgian  Work  Champion ( Belg.CH.T. ) 
 3 x CACIT &  9 x CAC.T
1 x Vice-worldchampion ’’St. Hubertus’’
1x Frence tittle  “Trialer printemps”

25 x Dutch Champion out of 18 litters

No Pointer Kennel in the Netherlands can show these results
Out of the  W-litter, the A-litter, the C-littert and E-litter are born  3 Dutch Champions each.  Unique !!

The next year prices  or exchange prices  have been won:

4x C.W. , 9 x Amsterdam Winner  + 11 x Amsterdam Junior Winner

14 x “Bese male or female”  Dutch Pointer Club

3 x "Nederrijk-goblet” Dutch Pointer Club

10 x “Verweij-goblet”  Dutch Pointer Club

9 x "v.Schuppen-Goblet" Dutch Pointer Club


Besides new Italian blood,  kennel "Dansk Dynasty" got also new blood from Denmark
 By a successful mating of
 Dutch. & International Champion  DANSK DYNASTY CHICO, HD.A.
Herman Pol is the owner  of the Danish MATRESSE'S LIVA puppy (female)
In both parents blood lines is the "Dual purpose" idea a proven fact:
Beauty and work are well represented both lines,  see the copy of her pedigree.
With national and international beauty and / or work titles in all generations,
Liva may in the future increase the foundation of kennel DANSK DYNASTY .
Backing in the couple games is naturally found in both, the father and the mother lines.
The future will show whether the expectations become reality.
 Jan van Haren and Herman Pol



Norwegian Pointer Club happy with Dutch import



Norwegian Breeders are happy with Dansk Dynasty Pointers


Two Norwegian breeders tell  on their websites,
how happy they are  that pointer fans from North - Norway, last year bought  a female pointer ,
and now another pointer lover bought from Dansk Dynasty Pointers in the Netherlands a male dog.

Also because the mother of the male is a full sister of  Dansk Dynasty Elka, who achieved many best results  in Norway.

More information about litter and results you see on the  top of this page under results en litters. 

If your Norwegian is  also good you can read the full story under "Nyheter" on these breeders sites

Also on this site , a other breeder but also happy.

This year's exhibition in Nord Norway,
  judged by Aase Jakobsen,
the  BOB and CC  went to  Dansk Dynasta Elka.
Owner Geir Roger.

More about

Ärets hund, klubbmester UK! AK, ärets unghund og ärets utstillingshund 2010

Arets hund gar til den som har sanket mest poeng pa jaktprever i tillegg kommer beste utstillingsresultat.
Ärets utstillingshund gar til den som har sanket mest poeng pa utstillinger i tillegg kommer beste jaktprevesresultat
Klubbmester sa ma man ha godkjent fuglearbeid for a bli premiert.


Klubbmester UK 2010 bie P Dansk Dynasta Elka til Geir Roger Hagenes
Klubbmesterskap AK 2010 bie P Jippy til Jenny Richardsen
Med hilsen
Jaktpreveutvelqet i TFK
Wiggo A. Ditlefsen

List of participants of Young Dog Derby in Norway. How small is still the Netherlands !


Dansk Dynasty Elka

Dansk Dynasty Elka to head in Norwegian Field Trials


Deense Pointer Club
Danish Pointer Club shows also Dutch Pointers with results

Dansk Pointer Klub

Article from Russian Dog Magazine

Russich Honden Magazin

Abridged translation from the Russian magazine:


" Lords of the Air" at Waterloo

The Battle of Waterloo - June 18, 1815 - was truly an event of enormous magnitude, the further course, of European history of the XIX century had a considerable impact.
Subject, the writer of this article Jana Horungaja.
A fairly extensive report is made before the game went on Waterloo. .
On the morning of 13 September '09 there was rain predicted that participants in the international field trial for British and Continental Gundog probably on a wet suit would face.
They had gathered in the beet fields. Organizer was the Belgian Pointer Club, founded in 1899.
A breed that is still very carefully the traditions of hunting by the British Gundog stores.
Delwart Jean was secretary from 1925 to 1973 and president from 1973 to 1983.
That God should give each club a president who stands for traditions

Point rus


The game had 32 Gundog registered. They were divided into two groups: British and Continental Pointing Dogs.
This was again divided into three races: CACT (National Field Trial) for only 2 CACIT Pointers and competitions (international field trial) 1 for dogs and one for the UK Continental Pointing Dogs.
Unlike the Battle of Waterloo in this battle were representatives of three countries involved: France, Netherlands and Belgium. Participants from other countries of the Battle of Waterloo the British and Germans, etc. were absent this time.
The battle of the giants (Wellington and Napoleon) lasted from 11.35 in the morning until 20.00.
The competition for the Gundog lasted from 10.00 to 18.00 with a lunch break. The battle of Waterloo put an end to wars of Napoleon, the international matches live on as a very old and beautiful "gentlemen's" tradition.
One of the most intelligent hunting methods, hunting with a demonstrative dog, "especially with a pointer -" first among equal ".
Perhaps, the only yacht in the original condition and has not been lost despite growing pressing the Greens, breeders of show dogs and the deterrent of old traditions.
So if it happened not long ago with 'parfors hunting in England and unfortunately long ago with "complete hunting in Russia or an exciting hunt with a falcon is not to reconstruct.




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