September 27, 2021
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Dansk Dynasty Pointers, is een Nederlandse Engelse Pointer fokker voor honden die de kwaliteit hebben  om op tentoonstellingen en veldwerk Wedstrijden te presteren. Dansk Dynasty fokt uitsluitend met pointers welke gecertificeerd zijn v.w.b. HD.
Dynasty Pointers, a Dutch English Pointer breeder, for field and exhibitions, who breeds only with dogs which have been certified for H.D

Breeding Kennel Owners August 25, 2015

Presentation Silver Pin by Dutch Kennel Club




Appreciation Dutch Kennel Club




Pointer kennel DANSK DYNASTY has more than 25 years ago through
Danish "Dual purpose" bloodlines
(= Functional construction is equal to beauty)
with Dansk Dynasty Ubi-Bene laid the basis for a healthy type Pointer where beauty and hunting properties are merged.
This base became through Danish,
French and Italian bloodlines into what it is today.
Bred will be only with dogs that have the health certificate HD. A or HD. B.
Ubi-Bene, beside many other titles has also the title FCI World Champion and European Champion
With well thoughtful combinations are bred to today
including 25 x Dutch Champions,
17 x I.B.CH. (International Beauty Champion),
6 x I.E.CH. (International Show Champion)
but also 3 x  Belgian Work Champion and
there was 4 x CAC-IT & 12 X CAC-T. won by our pointers in field trials
Unique is the fact that St. Hubert – the Belgian Kennel Club – till today  have been only two purebred dogs that title "Belgian Full Champion"
(Belgian Beauty and working champion) received.
That this are  Dansk Dynasty Doede and Dynasty Elsa, is for us a beautiful confirmation of our ideal.
For all these reason, the Board of the Dutch Kennelclub on last April 4 2015
honoured Jan van Haren, as the breeder of the first hour of kennel
Dansk Dynasty With the "Silver Pin".
An honor bestowed on few breeders.





In the second half of 2015, we planning a litter.
Parents of this planned litter are:

S: Dutch. & International Champion
Dansk Dynasty Benjamin Blaze,
Belgian Champion
Youth Winner 2005 & Winner 2007
3 x CAC-T, & 1 x CAC-IT
Winner "Diana Price"
HD. A.

D: Dutch. & International Champion
Dansk Dynasty Hylke
Belgian Champion.
Youth Winster 2012 & Winster 2013 
HD. (B).

More information can be found at the website
or by mail at:
Jan van Haren
Herman Pol



Owners Kennel Dansk Dynasty Pointers


 Jan & Herman


Herman Pol & Jan van Haren

One or both owners are members of these  Pointer Clubs

Sportweg 40

Bergsebaan 47

NL - 8313AR Rutte

NL - 4726 SC Heerle

Tel: +31(0)627 29 69 03

Tel : +31 (0) 165 30 45 69




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