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Dansk Dynasty Pointers, is een Nederlandse Engelse Pointer fokker voor honden die de kwaliteit hebben  om op tentoonstellingen en veldwerk Wedstrijden te presteren. Dansk Dynasty fokt uitsluitend met pointers welke gecertificeerd zijn v.w.b. HD.
Dynasty Pointers, a Dutch English Pointer breeder, for field and exhibitions, who breeds only with dogs which have been certified for H.D

Pointer English Pointer July 21, 2014

On this page you will find the information, the origin of the breed standard of the FCI and the English Pointer.
So if you have an English Pointer to an exhibition will be the judges
according to these guidelines an English Pointer judge.
Want to know more about, read the full page.



English Pointer

The exact origin of the Pointer is not entirely clear: whether they originate from Spanish Pointers or from
Continental Pointers is uncertain. What is certain is that English Pointers date back to the 1600's,
a native breed to the British Isles, being used to 'point' game out to hunters.
These early dogs worked with Greyhounds in hare-coursing, the Pointers being used to point out hares
for the Greyhounds to seize.
In the early 1700's, wing shooting came into fashion and this was when their true skills became apparent.
To this day, Pointers are exceptional hunting dogs.

The English Pointer is bred primarily for hunting, and therefore should unmistakably look and act the part.
These dogs are compacted with power, showing agility and grace while at work and at play.
English Pointers are strongly built, muscular, medium to large-sized dogs, demonstrating an athletic talent.
English Pointers posses the natural ability and substance to hunt game for many hours.
The most distinguishing characteristics of the English Pointer is its thick, bold, stocky frame.


English Pointers are intelligent, good tempered, affectionate dogs, making them the perfect
companions for the home. The most important aspect of this dog is its power, balance, and movement.
These characteristics show his ability to be a wide-awake, hard-working, hunter.
You can call these dogs a true friend, because of the loyalty they will show to you and to their work.

English Pointers, overall, are a very energetic, active breed.
Because of their naturally high energy level, most require a large amount of intense exercise
to keep the dog in top hunting shape.
English Pointers have above average natural hunting instincts.
They are perhaps one of the easiest to train.
They show their constant dedication to their owner while working and training.

Herta Herta Geisha


Pointers usually measure approximately 63 - 69 cm in height at the shoulder.
Bitches measure approximately 61 - 66 cm at the shoulder.
The average weight of the male Pointer ranges from 30 to 35 kg,
while that of a female measures 23 to 35 kg

The English Pointer has a wide variety of colors and patterns.
The colors range from liver, to lemon, to black and even orange.
Any of these colors can be combined with white, or they can stand alone. sually, the darker colored dogs have black or brown noses.
The lighter shades of the breed have a lighter colored, even a flesh-colored nose.
The hair on a Pointer is short and dense, needing little grooming.

Pointers make an exceptional housedog because they are so affectionate and easily trained.
Because of their affectionate personality, they are great to have around children.
They are also gentle with other pets. Pointers are normally poor watchdogs.


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